Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dodola Island, Ici Kayoa Islands, and Bobalo Island

Dodola Island

Dodola Island is located in North Maluku Province, exactly in front of Daruba, South Morotan about 5 km. The island is not inhabited and is surrounded by 16 km white sands. We can use local motor boat from Daruba to reach Dodola Island. Around the island there are several small islands that are interesting to be visited. Those islands are Galo-galo Island, Ngele-ngele and Kokoya Island.

Sunset at Dodola Island - Courtesy sunset.atdodola.com

Dodola Island is very suitable for diving and seeing the beauty of corals and fish. Moreover, we can swim and sunbath in the island.

Gura Ici Kayoa Island - Courtesy jawapos.co.id

Gura Ici Kayoa Islands are located in North Maluku Province. There is a cluster of islands which attract tourists in the Islands of Kayoa, because almost every island has varieties of beautiful corals and sea biota and many types of fish.

beautiful corals and sea biota - Courtesy jawapos.co.id

Lelei and Gura Ici Island are the most visited by tourists because the islands are surrounded by white and soft sands and beautiful sea garden. It is suitable to swim and dive to enjoy the underwater beauties of the island.

Bobalo Island is located in the District of Kao, Halmahera Regency, North Maluku Province. This island can be reached in 20 minutes by speedboat from Daru Village.

Bobalo Island has white sands which are soft and beautiful. Moreover, the sea garden in Bobalo is still very natural that are often used by tourists to dive. In addition, the tourists can sunbath or swim. We can also see the Japanese bunker remaining during the World War II.